Saturday, July 30, 2011

To Tweet or not to Tweet??

Do you have a twitter? Do you like it? Should I get one? I don't know!! LOL I used to be soooo anti-twitter, I am not the bandwagon type of person, but lately it seems like that's the only way i'm gonna get through to some of my friends..SMH..

So if you are a "tweeter" leave me your name so I can follow you and you can follow me?..LOL..I HAVE NO CLUE WHAT I'M DOING!!


Stay cool today, it's HOT!!


  1. Lol! You can't be as confused as I am. I'm @mrsetai, try that, I think that's my twitter. See how bad it is I'm not even sure what my twitter is? What's urs?

  2. @JayPea_88 is mine. Twitter is fun but I see a lot of ratchet shit on there. I just choose to ignore and tweet my heart away!

  3. LOL! I know the feeling! I've had a twitter account since 2009 but I just started tweeting last month. It's ok...my BF is totally anti-twitter and FB. I'm still learning to like it. My name is @willwork4heels

  4. @chubbydivanique

    When I first signed up for twitter I didn't understand it and it frustrated the hell out of me so I deleted my account. I signed up again this year and read through the help guide to figure out how to use it and what certain things meant (like the # symbol). Now I'm straight. Twitter is addicting. I find myself sometimes twitting in my sleep-lol. And some of the people on the timeline are hilarious, especially celebrities. Enjoy!

  5. I tried to stay away as long as I could but also felt that was the only way I could connect. I'm going to read the help guide like @chubbydivanique suggested. I really use it to follow what the celebrities are doing. I consider it facebook for celebrities :)



  6. Girl I still don't know what this Twitter thang is all about but I am soooooooooo tired of hearing the hype so I'm gonna figure out what this mess is!! haha Facebook is too too much sometimes. I can't keep up with it! I don't post very often but I see folks that post their every move and its aggrevating as hell! Don't nobody care that you woke up!! LOL I'm serious! Its like I woke up....I took a shower.....I'm walking out the door! Come on SON!! haha Girl you better rock that bang like never before! I can't wait to see it! Thank you for your sweet comment! Kiah

  7. I was so anti- Twitter at first. I thought it was a bit much to keep up with blogs and FB. However, I am a huge Twitter fan now. @Dr_Reginia

  8. Yay! Welcome to twitter follow me @classicdaisy :) warning, it's quite addictive



  9. I'm a Twitter fan. Even though of late, I've been tweeting less and less. No particular reason, though. It just started happening. Anywho, check me out: @Lavender_Chic.

  10. I used to be the same way, but twitter has really helped grow my blog and have a fast networking with other bloggers.
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