Monday, July 11, 2011

Red Rebel ♥

Hello Doves!! I'm currently in the process of packing and moving..S T I L L, and i'm giving away a lot of my things. I do have a lot of nice clothes and shoes if I do say so myself, and God moved it on my heart to give my things away to a certain person who doesn't have, and will GREATLY APPRECIATE the things I once owned. There is nothing worse then giving your stuff away to an unappreciative person!!

Don't worry I went no where in this outfit, LOL, My Honey almost lost it when I came out the room dressed like this. He was like, "And where aren't you going?" LOL

This shirt still has the tag but i'm giving it away, as well as those red pumps that have been hiding in my closet for a year. Enjoy!

No, that is not a cupholder.

Outfit Breakdown:
Shirt: Ross
Shoes: Cato
Tights: Ross

I think I changed my mind, I'm not giving this shirt away! LOL
Dreek ♥


  1. Girl! U've got yourself a budunka-dunk body! Love it! Love that reverse (as we call it in South Africa) its a true ATM (African Trade Mark). This color is great on you;)

  2. Lol, he says where aren't u going? He's funny.

  3. LOl@ my reverse!! THanks Ladies!!

  4. what is this amazing hot?? that is not a cupholder view and form ???then what is this??!!!