Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Zumba: Join the P A R T Y!

Soooooo, please know this...

I am plus-sized, and I love every curve and crevice on my body..but I still want to be more H E A L T H Y...that is all.

With that being said, I did some research on the best route to take to get to where I want to be at a comfortable pace and actually stick to it. It seems the key to all of is is M O T I V A T I O N. So this is what I can up with, with a little bit of help from my BF...

I'm gonna get up in the morning time and do about 30 minutes of....
and as I progress, for every 10lbs that I lose, I'll be gifted with a new pair of....


LOL..seriously though, I'm changing the way I eat and my very crazy sleeping habits also. This will be taken seriously, because I'm serious about being healthy. But please know, I WILL ALWAYS BE A KURVY GIRL!! soooo until I update you with my progress....

Monday, May 30, 2011

Hair Cannnnnn-day!!

Sooooo as you all know my hair is natural, and i really don't do a lot with it but ball it up in the back and call it a day. But as we all know, the best thing to make the most out of your African roots is to add some G L A M to it!!

I previewed these headbands for my upcoming online store, and I liked them so much I decided to add them to the hair candy collection, I have more ,and they are now available for a whoppin' $3.00 each!! E-mail me for details HERE!

Friday, May 27, 2011

♥In Kurvy News

One of my all-time F A V O R I T E kurvy ladies, Ms. Queen Latifah is debuting her fashion called the “The Queen Collection”.

Long story short àQueen’s collection will include CLOTHING, ACCESSORIES, PURSES, AND GET THIS…WEAVE. Her line is set to debut on the HSN on August 27th, 2011 AT 12:01 AM (Might miss some beauty sleep to watch).

Queen doesn’t consider her collection as “plus-size” but as something for everybody.( I kind of like that…because I hate that word)She wants to model her collection with inspiration from her own personal style………*crickets*………..

NTWHO, I’m a supporter!! I love you Queen!!

(Below) Some sample pictures from her collection, what do yah think?

I love that purse, and those shoes!

She debuts her hair collection in September! It's indian remy!! voila!!

Mmkay, I love A L L of those! Prices will range from $170-$300.

All clothes are set to be $100 and below


Tuesday, May 24, 2011

♥ Here comes K O U T U R E!!

I'm sooooo stoked, my mom G I F T E D me a brand new sewing machine and life is good!

You ever open a box and you get chills all over your body and you just know that things are about to C H A N G E..me either...buttttt that's how this experience made me feel :o) I can't stop smiling and I can't wait to grace you with my K O U T U R E.

♥Nature Girl

Not really!! I'm more of a C O U N T R Y  G I R L, but a while back me and my Aunt Joyce decided to spend some quality time together and we had a photoshoot!

This was a very fun and I N T E R E S T I N G shoot, and did I mention F U N?!?!

I felt very P W E T T Y in my yellow top, that I bought too big but the pics still came out G R E A T! Of course, I wore my favorite shoes...none at all..lol..Enjoy

Outfit Breakdown:
Top: Simply Fashions ($7)
Leggins: Ross($5)
Earrings & Flower: Beauty Depot ($1)

"I know but one freedom, and that is freedom of mind"
 -Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Sunday, May 22, 2011

♥ Big Big B R I D A L Bliss

SoOoOoO on April 29th  TLC’s, SAY YES TO THE DRESS: BIG BLISS premiered. This is actually the 2nd  Season. The  1st season originally aired last year on Oct. 1st.
Taped inside premier bridal salon Kleinfeld Bridal, each half-hour episode follows the emotional journey of plus-size brides as they shop to fulfill their dream dress fantasy.

 I haven’t missed any episode! I loved the show before “Big Bliss” aired, so O F  C O U R S E I love it even more now!!

I’d love to visit Kleinfelds one day, perhaps on a field trip while I’m visiting NY next summer. :o)

(Below) I’ve added some of the brides & the dresses that were on the show,  Don’t you just L O V E these dresses?!?!

Crystal Parson

Telita Thomas (my FAVE dress)

Telita Thomas

Elizabeth Acuri

Veronique Tomkins

Victoria Woods

Queen Esther

Queen Esther (I loved her attitude and confidence on the show!)

Sherri Bracey

Sherri Bracey

Be sure to catch the show every Friday night at 9PM on TLC!!

♥Hair There, Hair E V E R Y W H E R E

So maybe you've noticed that my hair is N A T U R A L E. I've actually been natural for 4 years now. I became natural by accident!! I was getting the usual creamy crack put in and then it was time to wash it out, W E L P,my hair came out with it. I didn't panic, maybe it was just meant to be. I'm not really big on the whole natural hair thing, so please be surprised when I blog about it! LOL

Hopefully, *crossing fingers*, I'll be featuring some hair accessories and earrings from some very talented people!

(Below) A couple of my F A V E products and some pics of my hair, ENJOY!
Great Moisture Lock!

Works wonders on my Curls! I use this for my twist styles.

Nothing in my hair, just conditioner from the previous day.

My fave quick hairstyle, fresh wash, brush back, clip and G O!

Got my hair straightened and my ends chop chopped :o)

 That is all for now, lately i've been B O R E D with my hair. I need more ideas on what to do?!?!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

♥Closer to my D R E A M S

Sooooooo my  D R E A M that I don't really share with a lot of people is tooooooo *drum roll please*..to own my very own KURVY BRIDAL SALON. It's not a fun experience for most KURVY ladies to go into a bridal salon to find their dress, because 9 times out of 10, THEY DON'T CARRY THEIR SIZE! If they do, then being comfortable to try it on, is so out of the question. I just want to create an atmosphere for the Kurvy to be COMFORTABLE and most of all CONFIDENT in purchasing their dress for a very special moment in their life.

 I don't talk about this to a lot of people because I value my dream and if someone was to talk down on it, then it would be very bad....for them.jk. On a serious note, I also draw & design a lot of fashions that I want to come to life sooner than later.(I will be uploading some for you to see soon.) I'm just putting G O D 1st and taking it one step at a time.

I also want a KURVY DRESS SHOP, just for dresses and elegant tops.

(Below) I'm posting a couple of salons to look at...J U S T B E C A U S E :o)

Oh yea, I'm going to go see 'Bridesmaids' when it  comes out and I can't wait to share my movie review!! YAYY!!

Monday, May 16, 2011

♥ Maybe it's Maybellineeee: F A L S I E S

I friggin' L O V E this Mascara, for me P E R S O N A L L Y, it works wonders! I've also seen and talked to a lot of people who hates it but EVERYTHING ISN'T FOR EVERYBODY. I'm not one to run and buy things just because it has a commercial, but I got a little caught up because the tube is P U R P L E.

(Below) Getting ready for a H O T D A T E & mall trip, I took a couple of pics E N J OY. The compact in my hand has no meaning in my life..it's used only for the mirror!

Oh yeah, forgot to mention, i'm a N A T U R A L B E A U T Y, and I've been growing my natural hair for almost 4 years now! Got the dress ($7) from Ross and the cover-up ($8) also.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

♥Red Zebras

I'm not a hugeeee fan of Zebra Print, but when it's worn, I like it best with R E D! I've seen a lot of people put different colors on it, but T O M E only red does it justice.

(Below) These are just a few things that I found and L O V E D, of course I wouldn't put those earrings with THAT dress but I LOVE THEM NONETHELESS!!

Dress: Monif C.  $458( No longer being sold)
Earrings: Forever21 $3.50
 Shoes: ...Some Random Website...IDK..they resembled the ones I wore BELOW..

I'm good for having T H E M E D  B I R T H D A Y  O U T I N G S, so one year we did of course..R E D Z E B R A!! I have to tell you a S E C R E T about that "dress" that i'm wearing later...E N J O Y the pics first..LOL :o)

Me ♥ (I cropped my cousin Teesha out..sorry Beesha!..LOL)

They did it just for ME!! Awwwwww

Heather and I. I A B S O L U T E L Y ♥ HEATHER and will be sharing her BlogSite, SoTenacious, with you guys very soon! Peep her E A R R I N G S!

Sooooooo even though i'm hanging out of my dress, (SOMEBODY COULD HAVE TUCKED THAT IN FOR ME..LOL) I had a very fun night. Oh yea the SECRET!! That "dress" originally had a bra-like top that I cut off, which in return looked like an over-sized skirt. Sooo I pulled it up over the twins and made it apart of the R E D Z E B R A collection.

Dress: Ross $11.99
Belt: Torrid $25.00
Wallet: Ex-Roommate's Closet, Never to be Returned
Shoes: Cato Fashions $9.00
Necklace,Bracelets,Earrings: Beauty Depot $1-$4