Tuesday, May 17, 2011

♥Closer to my D R E A M S

Sooooooo my  D R E A M that I don't really share with a lot of people is tooooooo *drum roll please*..to own my very own KURVY BRIDAL SALON. It's not a fun experience for most KURVY ladies to go into a bridal salon to find their dress, because 9 times out of 10, THEY DON'T CARRY THEIR SIZE! If they do, then being comfortable to try it on, is so out of the question. I just want to create an atmosphere for the Kurvy to be COMFORTABLE and most of all CONFIDENT in purchasing their dress for a very special moment in their life.

 I don't talk about this to a lot of people because I value my dream and if someone was to talk down on it, then it would be very bad....for them.jk. On a serious note, I also draw & design a lot of fashions that I want to come to life sooner than later.(I will be uploading some for you to see soon.) I'm just putting G O D 1st and taking it one step at a time.

I also want a KURVY DRESS SHOP, just for dresses and elegant tops.

(Below) I'm posting a couple of salons to look at...J U S T B E C A U S E :o)

Oh yea, I'm going to go see 'Bridesmaids' when it  comes out and I can't wait to share my movie review!! YAYY!!

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