Monday, May 16, 2011

♥ Maybe it's Maybellineeee: F A L S I E S

I friggin' L O V E this Mascara, for me P E R S O N A L L Y, it works wonders! I've also seen and talked to a lot of people who hates it but EVERYTHING ISN'T FOR EVERYBODY. I'm not one to run and buy things just because it has a commercial, but I got a little caught up because the tube is P U R P L E.

(Below) Getting ready for a H O T D A T E & mall trip, I took a couple of pics E N J OY. The compact in my hand has no meaning in my life..it's used only for the mirror!

Oh yeah, forgot to mention, i'm a N A T U R A L B E A U T Y, and I've been growing my natural hair for almost 4 years now! Got the dress ($7) from Ross and the cover-up ($8) also.


  1. You look nice. I'm a Rimmell girl but Imma have to try this Maybelline. I was wondering if it actually give you that false lash look. Good post.


  2. It actually attaches mini tubes to your lashes which gives it a "false" lash look..i love it...BUT i've read a lot of bad reviews also..so I guess you have to just try for yourself! LOL