Monday, December 12, 2011

*Oprah Voice* You get a 2x!!! You get a 2x!! My Bridesmaids Dresses..Oh the HEADACHE!

Somebody come and rescue me!!! LOL..I'm just being a little dramatic, but I really need to say a few things to get them off my chest. *massaging temples* woo-sah* Excuse me for a moment as I rant...just a little...

1.) So, I've figured out why future brides are called "bridezillas"  (and no i'm not one)  it's OTHER PEOPLE that drive them crazy and makes them do really mean and crazy things, and say stuff with no regards to other people's feeling *sighs* Not that I will ever do that!!

2.) I hate when people ask me certain questions (ie. Where are you getting married? or What are your colors?) then they give me the "boo boo face" look like  they can't believe it. Please get a grip people, IT'S MY WEDDING! and your opinions and stank face looks are NOT WELCOME!

3.) My Future Mother-In-Law has decided that she will not be attending her sons' wedding because he doesn't call her enough and he didn't call her on Thanksgiving?!! In the sarcastic words of my blogger boo Jeema "That's not petty at all!" *sucks teeth and rolls neck* All I have to say about that is THEY (as in him and her) got 6 months to get their act together *two snaps*  She only has one son and she'll regret it later if she misses out!

Now to the title of this post!!Did you like my Oprah voice?!?! LOL..I've been looking for a bridemaids(BMs) dress to suit the needs of all my B

It was truly hard looking for a nice dress to meet all of those needs while still keeping in classy and not very expensive. I originally asked all of BMs to save between $80-$110, which I don't think is very expensive at all. I also asked them to have it saevd by the end of February which is like 2 months away.

Well things changed, I found the dress (yayyyyyy!!) But it was selling so fast I needed them to purchase it like NOW and not in February. This is where the title for my post came from, in the store they only had 2x's left..so I bought them all. Now this may seem a little "unethical" to some but let me explain myself.

 The original dress was $60 and on sale, I had a coupon for 30% off which brought the total price to $41.30. This is wayyyyyy below the initial amount I was going to have them to spend so I don't see what the problem was or STILL IS. One of my BMs did remind me that it was the Holiday season and that people were preparing for that...........*silence*............mmkay...*Kanye Shrug*

Now to the Dress!! I got it from Ashely Stewart...yes...I'll say it again...I got it from Ashley Stewart. There are a lot of non-traditional things that I will be doing for my wedding and so happy this dress fits right in.

It's the Ashley Stewart 10-Way Dress that can be worn 10 different ways. Before I made the decision I went to the store and tried it on myself and absolutely fell in love. It is so soft and elegant and the red color is divine! Now on to the dress!!

Below: One of my BMs, Tiana, came over to model this dress for the first time, she absolutely loves it, and that made me feel great!!
And yes, my camera is crappy well it was actually dirty. It sleeps in the bottom of my purse.

Above: This is the arm-friendly way and I absolutely love it, I don't think it looks tacky or anything.

We had so much fun remaking this dress over and over again! This was her favorite of them all, and mine too!

So i'm not sure on the accessories yet and I can't quite decide on bouquets or rose clutches..*Kanye Shrug Again* that bridge will be crossed when I get to it!


Dreek ♥

Monday, November 21, 2011

Can you pick which Wedding Dress belongs to me?!?!

As most should know i'm getting married!! We've finally set a date and I couldn't be happier. I really wish I could blog more, but school and work are both having a good time with my L I F E!!

BUT!!!! I did happen to FIND MY DRESS!!

It's the most exciting thing in the world trying on dresses and deciding which one you will walk down the isle in!! I don't want to give it away just yet, I want to know what you guys think about my top 5 that I was trying on and choosing from.

Kellan J and Mori Lee have a wonderful collection of plus size dresses. Since our wedding will be in the summer, I wanted something very simple, elegant, and just pretty!! Take a peek!!

Kellan J 3108 (#1)

Kellan J 3011 (#2)
Mori Lee 3104 (#3)

Kellan J 3005 (#4)
Kellan J 3105 (#5)



Thanks for reading!!

p.s. I bought these cuties from Payless, they will also acompany me down the isle...

Monday, October 31, 2011

My Weird Wedding Colors?!?!

BUT I LIKE THEM!!! It took some of my wonderful selling techniques to get my aunts (they play a huge part in my wedding) on board with these colors, but now they like them!! So tell me what you think?!?!


These would be the gifts to my Bridesmaids...All 9 of them..SMH!!

I'm pretty much very into liking these colors (does that make sense?!?!). My fiance is really iffy, but if not these colors then i'm gonna go with the basic "vintage glam". IE. black w/ red accents...


By the way, meet ROCSI ♥...she's the best!


Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Torrid & Payless..Match Made in Heaven..well for me anyways

Hello Doves!! I wanted to share what I wore to church on Sunday and finally got around to it. Work and school are both kickin my behind. I'm actually slowly falling behind in my classes and need to pull a major comeback. Also, i'm in the process of "planning a wedding" at least my mom thinks so..SMH..I just don't have the time!! I can't even decide on colors..ANYWAYS...to the clothes...

I'm really diggin the Payless 'Brash' collection lately, they are really coming up!! I walked in to get some black flats for work and walked out with 4 pair of shoes *hangs head in shame*..hell, the BOGO got me!! My very frustrated fiance' didn't even say anything to me, it was a quiet ride home..bahahahaha!! So dig these...

Women's Komet Platform Pump $34.99

Women's Katy Bow Wedge $24.99

Girls' Brandy Bow Flat $24.99
Aren't they the cutest little kids?!?!? LOL..I bought the babies (flats), I was in a hurry it was like grab and GO!

I browsed around Torrid for a little while and found this dress, it's really comfortable, and a size 2. It's sleeveless but has crochet wings that cover my arms. It was perfect :D

Tan Crochet Sleeve Dress $58.50

Now to Me.....

A special thanks to everyone who left me encouraging words about my little "church situation". It was really needed and I'm grateful that you took the time out to give your virtual hugs!! I love you guys! The situation is now under control..lol..Thanks for looking!!

Dreek ♥

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Ray Of Sunshine

If you spend your whole life waiting for the storm, you'll never enjoy the sunshine.

Morris West

Today was just a laid back and relaxed day. I just took time to reflect and think about all the things that God had blessed me with and i'm truly GRATEFUL!! I've been having some issues with my church family that has really been bothering me. I know that not everybody will like you but at CHURCH is the place where I wanna go and just be at peace, and lately I can't do that..long story *sighs* Just call me if yall wanna know the rest.haha

I also spent some time with my makeup..LOL

Me and the Honey went to the mall and this what I wore, my $7 dress from Rainbow, and my earrings stolen  gifted from my bestie! :o)

He has been my SUNSHINE in the rain on many occasions, I love this guy and I can't wait to share his last name! Which reminds me..have you guys seen my rock  ring yet?!?!

Dreek ♥

Monday, September 26, 2011

Hairy Business

Have you ever scratched your scalp so much until it started to bleed?......me neither. Anyways, my head has been itching me soooooooooo bad lately!! so that basically told me two things. 1st of all my hair was dirty as hell and 2nd my scalp was super dry. I'm talking flake mountain!! LOL

I hate hate hate hate hate washing my hair, well atleast until now. I never quite found the right product that gave me that extra clean feeling. I recently purchased the Pantene pro-v collection (yea I went all out) FOR WOMEN OF COLOR, that's what it says on the bottle..i'm not lying! But what really pulled me in was the "Relaxed or Natural" so my natural curls fit right in!

Anyways washed my dirty hair twice, did some deep conditioning (in other words left the conditioner in for about 30 mins with a shower cap on) then rinsed and OH ME, OH MY!! My hair felt so good, I give these products 5 stars.

I got my hair done shorty after i'll be showing that in the post!! SMOOCHES!!