Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Torrid & Payless..Match Made in Heaven..well for me anyways

Hello Doves!! I wanted to share what I wore to church on Sunday and finally got around to it. Work and school are both kickin my behind. I'm actually slowly falling behind in my classes and need to pull a major comeback. Also, i'm in the process of "planning a wedding" at least my mom thinks so..SMH..I just don't have the time!! I can't even decide on colors..ANYWAYS...to the clothes...

I'm really diggin the Payless 'Brash' collection lately, they are really coming up!! I walked in to get some black flats for work and walked out with 4 pair of shoes *hangs head in shame*..hell, the BOGO got me!! My very frustrated fiance' didn't even say anything to me, it was a quiet ride home..bahahahaha!! So dig these...

Women's Komet Platform Pump $34.99

Women's Katy Bow Wedge $24.99

Girls' Brandy Bow Flat $24.99
Aren't they the cutest little kids?!?!? LOL..I bought the babies (flats), I was in a hurry it was like grab and GO!

I browsed around Torrid for a little while and found this dress, it's really comfortable, and a size 2. It's sleeveless but has crochet wings that cover my arms. It was perfect :D

Tan Crochet Sleeve Dress $58.50

Now to Me.....

A special thanks to everyone who left me encouraging words about my little "church situation". It was really needed and I'm grateful that you took the time out to give your virtual hugs!! I love you guys! The situation is now under control..lol..Thanks for looking!!

Dreek ♥


  1. Loving the shoes. I love leopard print. The dress is also awesome x

  2. Love the shoes!!! The look is cute!!!

  3. Yeah I am really digging Payless' brash line also. I got their Blue platforms and their red strap platforms. The red shoes are actually amazingly comfy and they look hot. I love all of those choices, too bad they didn't have them in my size... Very cute outfit...


  4. Omg I was missing ya!!! Adorable flats and the torrid dress is Fab on you!!!! -Britt


  5. It feels like I havent been on your blog in AGES!! I was actually thinking about you a few days ago, saying "Dang, Where's Dreek?" Thanks for your comment on my blog and HEY... I have those flats too from Payless. I thought they were TOOO cute!!!


  6. I have a similar dress from H&M but grey. I love your shoes tough I am not a big fan of animal prints.

    Love, Ylenia | Longuette

  7. Nice Post and great adaptation!!

  8. I posted about my PAYLESS adventures the other day!! I wanted those Heel Leps but they don't have my size! Oh well!

    -E. Louise

  9. sooooooooooooo loving the shoes!!!! I haven't been in a payless in forever!! I'll have to check them out!!!


  10. those shoes were totally worth a silent car ride home! I just hope you made it up to future hubby! lol awesome dress from Torrid! I want one!

  11. omg I love ALL those shoes! And you are rocking that Torrid dress girl! :)

    Olivia :) x
    Wait Until The Sunset

  12. anything with animal print has me happy!! love it

  13. Adorable, I'm all about the animal print!