Saturday, August 20, 2011

Birthday Wishlist ♥

These are just some of the things that I can think of that I actually want for my birthday. I keep getting asked what I want, and now I can refer them to this blog post *texting daddy as I type*. Every year since I turned 19, I've A L W A Y S had a big birthday get together with a theme and all the works. So my friends were pretty shocked that they hadn't received invite & an itinerary by now. :D

I'm not really picky, it's the simple things that make me happy!! Soooooo....

These are from the Madden Girl (Steve Madden) line, and they are called "Setra". Any Madden Girl heel would make me happy, they are made especially for comfort and style, I love them!! Now retailing for about $40 at DSW *cough* size 10 *cough*...

All these Guess purses rub me the right way. The bottom two are all made out of the socra croc skin and it feels soooooo lovely. These are online, but also at Dillard's & Macy's and retail for about $118. Any Guess Satchel will do!! bahaha

These camera are really neat and have a huge 5" display screen in the back. I'm not really tech savvy but I want this camera, black or silver...DON'T MATTA!!

I have 4 bags of makeup, but surprisingly, I don't have a lot of eye shadow. I just want 3 of them, a small, medium and large one. Or, just a large one..LOL

Little Known Fact: I collect Cards!! Whether it be my birthday, graduation, or Holiday, I love cards. I think its kinda weird. I have 2 boxes and a bag full of cards, my Honey calls it my junk, but whateva!! I can't help it.

Of course C A S H, if you're shopping efforts fail..Don't Carry Cash?? Don't Worry!!!

All are also accepted :D

In all honesty, I just wanna spend time with some of my family and just enjoy the day. I'm blessed to be alive, and I don't take it for granted, and on that specific day i'll celebrate it just a tab bit more. God is Good All the TIME!!

God Bless You ALL,
Dreek ♥

Friday, August 19, 2011

Dining Room Preview :D

So everybody knows that i've been on this DIY high for about 2 weeks now, and instead of buyin a really nice, FINISHED, dining room table set I opted to just buy a cheap one and fix it up how I wanted!! This project has really been prolonged because:

1. We can never buy enough paint, without buying too much

2. The weather has been terrible here in Florida and it's been raining entirely too much!

Anyways, I bought a dining room set off of Craigslist for $60 and trust me it was not the business. I didn't show it to my Honey before I paid for it because I know he would've given me the "What the hell are you going through" face.

I've also made a few things to put on the walls, and i'm really falling head over heels for this DIY stuff..SMH. I'll share those later!

So take a peek at the chairs so far,

aren't these just the cutest??..lol.NOT!! I took the seats off, sanded off the finish, then applied a glossy black primer & spray paint in 1...bought some fabric and...


Now how much better is that?!?! We should be finished with the table soon, and i'll show you the entire process with more pics later, this is just a preview!! Thanks for reading!!

Dreek ♥

Monday, August 8, 2011

Balloon Wedding Dress; IRKED!

Being a future bride myself (insert cheesy smile here) I can't even find the time to explain and show to you half of the crazy things I find while web-surfing, but this is just too much..

I know that most brides try to be "DIFFERENT" but there is a FINE line between different and just crazy as hell!!

Then you have the extremely open-minded people who would just call this Creative...(-_-)... oh...ok..*sighs*

I saw this article on Yahoo when I opened my homepage, It's been bothering me ever since..LOL..check out some of the Creativeness...also known as BALLON WEDDING DRESSES!!

You're suppose to put those up for the decor, not wear them!!
I didn't even know these were made!!
I think people should throw pins at the bride when she walks down the isle..*insert evil laugh*..LOL..Jk..Personally, I don't wanna see any balloons at all on my wedding day!



Saturday, August 6, 2011

Something Different: DIY Kitchen Wallpaper

Hello Loves!!

I'm sharing with you guys what I did to my extremely large kitchen *insert sarcastic smile here*. Although it is small, I thought that it was very bland and extremely boring. So after a couple of hours on some DIY sites, this is what I came up with!!..PUT FABRIC ON THE WALL!!

This is an alternative to putting wallpaper on the wall or even painting. This is just an apartment, so I needed to do something that could be easily undone when it's time for us to move again.

Say hello to my small kitchen with the ancient appliances that is soooooo freaking dull! But we had to make the best out of this situation..LOL

Notice the red and green papers on the fridge? Green is for GO- as in you can eat it, Red is for Hell No-as in don't even think about it..LOL
It's very simple and the only supplies needed is:
-lightweight fabric ($10 via WalMart)
-Sta-Flo liquid starch ($3 via WalMart)
-bowl & sponge ( My Cabinets)
-Patient Honey who puts up with all of your random madness :o) (Friggin Priceless)

It's very simple!! Measure the wall then cut out the pieces that you will need to apply.

 Before applying,  wipe the wall with the liquid starch, apply fabric then smooth with the sponge. Apply more liquid starch on the fabric for a secure hold. My fabric stuck to the wall as soon as it was applied. YAY! :o)

So in no time you should be done, but for me I dragged this project for 2 days because 1. I ran out of fabric and 2. I was tired as hell!!


Notice the Wood Stain that my Honey got on the cabinets,we're working on the dining room also, that project will be shown next!

You can also see on the wall the 3 leaf thingamajigs that I found at Goodwill for $1.99 each. A coat of red paint and they were ready to be welcomed to the wall!

We're still not done, but just thought I would share the process. I haven't been into getting dressed up lately, only on Sunday for Church, but that's about it. I just wanna get my place feeling more like home, then i'll be more focused!! Anyways, Enjoy the pics and be BLESSED!!