Friday, August 19, 2011

Dining Room Preview :D

So everybody knows that i've been on this DIY high for about 2 weeks now, and instead of buyin a really nice, FINISHED, dining room table set I opted to just buy a cheap one and fix it up how I wanted!! This project has really been prolonged because:

1. We can never buy enough paint, without buying too much

2. The weather has been terrible here in Florida and it's been raining entirely too much!

Anyways, I bought a dining room set off of Craigslist for $60 and trust me it was not the business. I didn't show it to my Honey before I paid for it because I know he would've given me the "What the hell are you going through" face.

I've also made a few things to put on the walls, and i'm really falling head over heels for this DIY stuff..SMH. I'll share those later!

So take a peek at the chairs so far,

aren't these just the cutest??..lol.NOT!! I took the seats off, sanded off the finish, then applied a glossy black primer & spray paint in 1...bought some fabric and...


Now how much better is that?!?! We should be finished with the table soon, and i'll show you the entire process with more pics later, this is just a preview!! Thanks for reading!!

Dreek ♥


  1. Ok Ms. Lady, I've got to hand it to you!!! That is too cute!!! I need to get into this DIY thing myself...I saw the work you did to your kitchen and I'm now trying to set aside some time to amp my space too. I'm bout to DIY my bed soon as I get some time.

    Also thanks for the encouragement about me starting school. The semester should go pretty good.

  2. Wow!! You're so good at this! It looks amazing!

  3. Alright...I see you...So creative girly. I'm diggin' the finished chair.



  4. well u go girl! I really like the DIY ideas keep it coming!