Saturday, August 20, 2011

Birthday Wishlist ♥

These are just some of the things that I can think of that I actually want for my birthday. I keep getting asked what I want, and now I can refer them to this blog post *texting daddy as I type*. Every year since I turned 19, I've A L W A Y S had a big birthday get together with a theme and all the works. So my friends were pretty shocked that they hadn't received invite & an itinerary by now. :D

I'm not really picky, it's the simple things that make me happy!! Soooooo....

These are from the Madden Girl (Steve Madden) line, and they are called "Setra". Any Madden Girl heel would make me happy, they are made especially for comfort and style, I love them!! Now retailing for about $40 at DSW *cough* size 10 *cough*...

All these Guess purses rub me the right way. The bottom two are all made out of the socra croc skin and it feels soooooo lovely. These are online, but also at Dillard's & Macy's and retail for about $118. Any Guess Satchel will do!! bahaha

These camera are really neat and have a huge 5" display screen in the back. I'm not really tech savvy but I want this camera, black or silver...DON'T MATTA!!

I have 4 bags of makeup, but surprisingly, I don't have a lot of eye shadow. I just want 3 of them, a small, medium and large one. Or, just a large one..LOL

Little Known Fact: I collect Cards!! Whether it be my birthday, graduation, or Holiday, I love cards. I think its kinda weird. I have 2 boxes and a bag full of cards, my Honey calls it my junk, but whateva!! I can't help it.

Of course C A S H, if you're shopping efforts fail..Don't Carry Cash?? Don't Worry!!!

All are also accepted :D

In all honesty, I just wanna spend time with some of my family and just enjoy the day. I'm blessed to be alive, and I don't take it for granted, and on that specific day i'll celebrate it just a tab bit more. God is Good All the TIME!!

God Bless You ALL,
Dreek ♥


  1. I hope you get everything you want! I actually bought those exact same shoes in a nice burgandy color at, of all places, Goodwill! for $4!!

    And I collect cards too! I have one big shoe box full of them from ANY occasion. I like to look back on the messages my friends/family wrote.

    I hope you're settling nicely into your new spot!

  2. Happy Early birthday. I hope you get everything you want, need and more! Laughing at credit cards accepted...too funny.


  3. Lol you sound like me with that credit cards accepted line! Hey they always work, especially when people claim they don't have cash on them lol. I love those Guess bags too. I hope you get all of this wonderful stuff plus tax for your bday girlie and I hope everyone you love shows you just how special you truly are <3


  4. Haha sounds like you will be having a very lucky birthday with all those wodnerful gifts girl!

    I just love the black Guess purse and those cute blue shoes!!!

    I hope you get it all girl because these items are so worth it =]


  5. I hope you get all your birthday wishes and more!

  6. teehee, nice pics for your birthday!
    Shasie of Live Life in Style

  7. Bummer I missed your bday