Saturday, August 6, 2011

Something Different: DIY Kitchen Wallpaper

Hello Loves!!

I'm sharing with you guys what I did to my extremely large kitchen *insert sarcastic smile here*. Although it is small, I thought that it was very bland and extremely boring. So after a couple of hours on some DIY sites, this is what I came up with!!..PUT FABRIC ON THE WALL!!

This is an alternative to putting wallpaper on the wall or even painting. This is just an apartment, so I needed to do something that could be easily undone when it's time for us to move again.

Say hello to my small kitchen with the ancient appliances that is soooooo freaking dull! But we had to make the best out of this situation..LOL

Notice the red and green papers on the fridge? Green is for GO- as in you can eat it, Red is for Hell No-as in don't even think about it..LOL
It's very simple and the only supplies needed is:
-lightweight fabric ($10 via WalMart)
-Sta-Flo liquid starch ($3 via WalMart)
-bowl & sponge ( My Cabinets)
-Patient Honey who puts up with all of your random madness :o) (Friggin Priceless)

It's very simple!! Measure the wall then cut out the pieces that you will need to apply.

 Before applying,  wipe the wall with the liquid starch, apply fabric then smooth with the sponge. Apply more liquid starch on the fabric for a secure hold. My fabric stuck to the wall as soon as it was applied. YAY! :o)

So in no time you should be done, but for me I dragged this project for 2 days because 1. I ran out of fabric and 2. I was tired as hell!!


Notice the Wood Stain that my Honey got on the cabinets,we're working on the dining room also, that project will be shown next!

You can also see on the wall the 3 leaf thingamajigs that I found at Goodwill for $1.99 each. A coat of red paint and they were ready to be welcomed to the wall!

We're still not done, but just thought I would share the process. I haven't been into getting dressed up lately, only on Sunday for Church, but that's about it. I just wanna get my place feeling more like home, then i'll be more focused!! Anyways, Enjoy the pics and be BLESSED!!


  1. Look at you. I'm gone start calling you Ms. HGTV lol!.... I wish I had the energy to do that to the wall in my bedroom.... So, how does this come off? lol

  2. I was thinking the same thing, Ms. HGTV or MS. DIY! You go girl! This looks so good. My kitchen is red too. I should do something creative like this with it but I'm too lazy lately lol. Hope everything is going great with you love <3


  3. OMG... its funny how a little color can transform a space. This is a worthwhile DIY project because it looks GFREAT. I'm like amazed by the difference. Can you come and pimp my dorm??? LMAO. LOVE THIS


  4. @ Heather- It comes off with warm water..really quick and easy!!

    @ Dre- you should!! it's fun to watch it happen before your eyes..LOL

    @SheDel- No thanks..LOL..my patience with doing this again is out the window!!

  5. Very creative!!! I've never heard of putting fabric on the walls. Looks good! I live in a small apartment too and now you done gave me some ideas on how to liven up my kitchen. Thanks for sharing this DIY.



  6. I like that. I've always thought that wallpaper was for old ladies. Lately, I've seen great use of wallpaper and this is one of them! Love it. I can't wait to see updates.

  7. Thanks for such a great idea!! who would have thought of fabric!!! I love it - you go girl!!


  8. That looks so cool! I love the idea of red and green lists on the fridge too :)

  9. I love this! This will give something to do to spice up my apartment, as long as my roomie approves -_- lol.
    If you wouldn't have ran out of fabric how long do u think the project would've taken?

  10. this would have taken a good strong hour and a half and thats with measuring, cutting, and securing! It also depends on how big the space is!

  11. woooow! This is amazing, I love your color scheme first off and that niffy print really adds the pop to your kitchen!

    I need to get hip like you and add those red and green papers to keep me on track w/ my own weight loss journey :P


  12. GIRL! I love that!!!! You live close by...come to my house and HGTV it up for me!!!

  13. TY Daisy!!

    LOL@Trice...i'm on thee way!!

  14. omg honey! the finished product looks amazing! I totally cracked up at your green and red papers. I oughtta try that!

  15. I love the fabric design and I didn't know that you could do that with just liquid starch. I'm like you, I have to have my place feel like home.

  16. You did a great job! You picked a great fabric to work with. It really made your kitchen setting pop.

  17. wow this turned out amazing! I find it weird that your posts aren't showing up in my feed. All this time I've been waiting for you to post new things and you have!

  18. WOW!!! How cute! This turned out sooooo nice! I would have NEVER thought to do that


  19. This is adorable....please come to Texas and do my theater. lol

  20. So cute! Great idea and very creative!
    Shasie of Live Life in Style