Monday, September 26, 2011

Hairy Business

Have you ever scratched your scalp so much until it started to bleed?......me neither. Anyways, my head has been itching me soooooooooo bad lately!! so that basically told me two things. 1st of all my hair was dirty as hell and 2nd my scalp was super dry. I'm talking flake mountain!! LOL

I hate hate hate hate hate washing my hair, well atleast until now. I never quite found the right product that gave me that extra clean feeling. I recently purchased the Pantene pro-v collection (yea I went all out) FOR WOMEN OF COLOR, that's what it says on the bottle..i'm not lying! But what really pulled me in was the "Relaxed or Natural" so my natural curls fit right in!

Anyways washed my dirty hair twice, did some deep conditioning (in other words left the conditioner in for about 30 mins with a shower cap on) then rinsed and OH ME, OH MY!! My hair felt so good, I give these products 5 stars.

I got my hair done shorty after i'll be showing that in the post!! SMOOCHES!!



  1. I love Pantene and it is the only shampoo/conditioner that I will use. It leaves my hair smelling so good and it always feels so soft. I too have been struggling with itchy/dry scalp. I have been using African Pride grease and it seems to be working great! You have beautiful hair! Kiah

  2. omg I HAVE scratched my scalp until it bled. *shudders* I hate that! My hair soaks up moisture like it's nothing!! I'm glad you found something that works for you. I'm still on a search to find the absolute PERFECT products for my fro!

    Your hair is absolutely gorgeous!

  3. your hair is gorgeous, i use the shampoo and conditioner from this line. I love it.

  4. i love pantene products too.

    You have some pretty hair girl!

  5. I love Pantene for everything! :) especially the deep conditioner works wonder

    I love your hair texture its beautiful girl, all those freaking curls!