Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Fuschia && Black:Birthday Night (Kinda Pic Heavy..kinda!)

So my Birthday came and went, and to be honest I didn't expect it to be as good as it was but honeyyyyy lemme tell yah!! LOL I haven't had such a wonderful time like that in a loooooong time. I got lots of gifts, was able to spend time with my family, some shop-til-you-drop quality time from my Honey and sooooo much more. I am truly blessed!!

Sorry in advance for the quality of some of the pics, I think the cameraman was a little tipsy and didn't realize how bad of a job he was doing..LOL

Anyways, My bestfriend Joy and her boyfriend Josh came and stayed the weekend with me and my fiance' (I feel so weird saying that!!). I had never met hers and she had never met mine, it's not that we haven't been friends forever it's just that before me and my fiance' lived together he lived in Miami which is a little over 3 hours, so I never seen them at the same time, and they never met!

I have more pictures to post later from my birthday cookout at my brother's house but that will be in the next post. Thank you all for the birthday love!

Shirt: My friend Lindsay/Shoes,earrings,bracelets: Rainbow/Tights: Avenue/Bang &Pony: via Ebay
(I actually ordered this bang off of Ebay after I seen Kiah's (From the "Rez" to the "City"). I absolutely love love love it!! you just clip in on and GO! LOL, Thanks Kiah!)

Me and the bestie stepped out and had a great time, I was so happy to be spending time with her. I hadn't seen her since November of last year..SMH, I almost cried when she left..but dont tell her that.. :o) Enjoy and God Bless!

Dreek ♥

P.S. I only wore one eyelash the entire night, Don't ask and I won't tell!! LOL


  1. Hot outfit, love the makeup and the shoes are to die for! x

  2. Ahhhhhh! You look wonderful girl! I love the pink and black great wedges and your best friend is gorgeous. So glad you had an amazing birthday girl :)


  3. HOLD UP HATTIE!! How did you get yours to look so bomb! I am feeling the lil side sweep!! YOU BETTA WERK it girl!! Love it! HAPPY BIRTHDAY BOO!! Kiah

  4. Guh Shut up!!! A clip on bang??? Who knew!!! Happy Belated birthday!!!


  5. Ma'am... Did you just say you had on ONE eyelash?... -__- ..You looked fab though, hun-tee! lol

  6. You are too adorable.....I hope you had a BLAST!!!