Sunday, May 15, 2011

♥Red Zebras

I'm not a hugeeee fan of Zebra Print, but when it's worn, I like it best with R E D! I've seen a lot of people put different colors on it, but T O M E only red does it justice.

(Below) These are just a few things that I found and L O V E D, of course I wouldn't put those earrings with THAT dress but I LOVE THEM NONETHELESS!!

Dress: Monif C.  $458( No longer being sold)
Earrings: Forever21 $3.50
 Shoes: ...Some Random Website...IDK..they resembled the ones I wore BELOW..

I'm good for having T H E M E D  B I R T H D A Y  O U T I N G S, so one year we did of course..R E D Z E B R A!! I have to tell you a S E C R E T about that "dress" that i'm wearing later...E N J O Y the pics first..LOL :o)

Me ♥ (I cropped my cousin Teesha out..sorry Beesha!..LOL)

They did it just for ME!! Awwwwww

Heather and I. I A B S O L U T E L Y ♥ HEATHER and will be sharing her BlogSite, SoTenacious, with you guys very soon! Peep her E A R R I N G S!

Sooooooo even though i'm hanging out of my dress, (SOMEBODY COULD HAVE TUCKED THAT IN FOR ME..LOL) I had a very fun night. Oh yea the SECRET!! That "dress" originally had a bra-like top that I cut off, which in return looked like an over-sized skirt. Sooo I pulled it up over the twins and made it apart of the R E D Z E B R A collection.

Dress: Ross $11.99
Belt: Torrid $25.00
Wallet: Ex-Roommate's Closet, Never to be Returned
Shoes: Cato Fashions $9.00
Necklace,Bracelets,Earrings: Beauty Depot $1-$4

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  1. Diggin the way yall coordinated. Very thoughtful. The best outfits are the ones you had to create/alter. Go head girl!

    Love your blog.