Sunday, July 24, 2011

Where Have I been you ask?!?! LET ME DAZZLE YOU!

I've been HERE!! lol..Seriously, i've finally moved into my new and huge apartment (compared to my last "box") and life is good!

All last week I was busy with my church and our Vacation Bible School Program! I was the teacher for the pre-teens, and boy did I have my hands full!! I'm so thankful that I was even given such a huge responsibility and I took it in stride. I think on one night I had up to 12 students! God is soooo goood! We had such a blast!!

I've missed bloggingggg and shoppinggg and thriftinggggg and of course taking pictures but I now have more free time to do more, and I will.

I also have a new "venture"!! If you've read some of my previous post you know that i'm full of those..LOL..and i've decided to start selling EARRINGS!! Well not just earrings, but they are my main focus. I have almost 100 pair that belong to MOI, and against the frowns of the Honey I still continue to add to my collection.

Starting Next Month "Dazzle Me" will be in full effect!! (to God be all the Glory!!)

Check out some of my products and tell me what you think!

 Please keep in mind that my goal to provide "AFFORDABLE ELEGANCE". There is nothing that I hate more than feeling like i've spent too much!!

Tell me what you think and be BLESSED Doves!!



  1. Okay I'm making my shopping list out right now!! I see some things that belong in my jewelry stand! Can't wait to shop & best of luck in the business ventures!

  2. Thank you so much that means a lot to me!! and yes lots of good things to come!!

  3. Wow, you made these? I love them! I'm ready to start shopping too!

  4. me?? make something? LOL..no i'm just selling them!

  5. Ok...yeah...I'm gonna have to get some of these! I love the flower necklace and the lips set!!!! Great stuff!

  6. I need the 2nd necklace and earring set, the lips set and the yellow feathers set!! Let me know the cost and I will pre-order! Yes, to GOD be the GLORY!! Kiah

  7. you guys are all the best!! :)

  8. Loving the pieces already! Can't wait for it to officially launch!!! Very nice that you were an instructor at your church for VBS. I also attended my churches VBS a few weeks ago. It was amazing, and this Sunday I joined the church :-)

    Shasie of Live Life in Style
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  9. OMG! Looooovvvvvveeee all of these...*)

  10. I need those blue feather earrings, and that lip necklace!