Tuesday, July 5, 2011

♥ Purple Shoe Shoppin'!!

Soooo Me and my blogger pal Miss Dre over at,...So She Writes..., played around with the idea of dressing up like Ursula! You know, the evil octopus from The Little Mermaid!Yea, her!! I've decided to not only dress up like her, but make my own dress. She might beat me to it, but i'll hopefully have my dress done by my birthday, so that I can wear it then!

Basically, I'm gonna be Ursala for my Birthday!! I'm sooooo stoked about it...like really!! LOL

You can check out the post that Miss Dre did here : Villain 4 The Night: Ursula Inspired Fashion

Check out the different Versions of her that I found!

In the meantime, i'm going shopping for some P U R P L E  S H O E S! Check out some that I like! Do you own purple shoes?!?! Enjoy!

Purple Silver Reversible Sequins Mary Jane Pump Heels $89.99

Osten (GUESS) $99.99

Purple Velvet Satin Ruffle $12.99

Purple Faux Leather Open Toe (7.99)


  1. Hey blog sis! Thanks for shouting me out! Lemme tell u I am so excited about this whole Ursula idea! I've been looking for accessories and have a cute pair of earrings but have no luck with anything else. I need to look for some shoes too! I have those mary janes in pink now I wish I would have gotten them in purple smh. I do have my makeup and hairstyle picked out tho. Would it be cheating if I thrifted a dress or embellished a black dress I already own? U are def gonna beat me if I have to make it straight up. I've been super lazy lately lol!

  2. i am in love with every shoe!! and the color is GREAT!!!


  3. Drea!! don't make your own!! you can get your dress however you want, just complete your look huntee..i'm only making mine because I know how I want it to look and fit!! and NO STORE will have what I wnt and/or NEED!! LOL

  4. This is gonna be so much fun! I can't wait til I can finally get it all together :)