Friday, July 1, 2011

♥Lovely Blog Award

A big ups to a great blogger pal, High Heels & Good Meals , for G R A C I N G me with The Lovely Blog Award!! So much appreciated!! Don't hesitate to stop by her blog for a visit, WARNING!! You just might become a follower!! She has wonderful fashion sense and literally makes me hungry everytime I stalk her blog!! LOL

15 Random Things About Me:

1.) I make "Personality Pillows" for little girls
2.) I've been in a relationship for 2 years
3.) I spend about 7 hours a week at church (I try)
4.)I love to watch Bridezillas and Say Yes To The Dress
5.) I love to eat WATERMELON
6.) My favorite color is purple
7.) My family with exception of my Honey live 2 hours away
8.) I don't like animals of ANY type
9.) I've had 32 different cell phones (long story)
10.) I'm not as close to my dad as I would like to be
11.) A cat ate my turtle (true story)
12.) I've moved 5 times in 5 years
13.) I don't like the Kardashians (they irk me)
14.) My shoe size is 10 (birthday coming up!!)
15.) I love make up!! (refer to parentheses in #14)

Awarded Blogs:
(in no particular order! This was sooo hard! LOL)

The rules:
-link back to the person who passed you the award
-share 15 random things about yourself
- award 7 blogs
-drop a note to tell them about it


  1. Hey doll! You won an award over at my blog too! Wow this is awesome :-) Thanks hun!

  2. Thanks for the award hun! Your personality pillows sound adorable! And I don't like the Kardashians either!

  3. thank you SO much for the award. you're the sweetest!


  4. Thanks SO much for the award girl! Much appreciated, I'll have it on my blog soon. Its my first one so I'm very excited!:)