Monday, June 20, 2011

My Store : U P D A T E

sooo things have begin to come in that I've ordered for my store....

Hopefully the website will be up and running by August (but i'm kind of doubting it) I've taken on so many projects right now that it's gonna kinda be I M P O S S I B L E. I kinda have a "business partner" so let's just see if she can take the weight of running the store!!

I've decided to change the name of the store to ....

and change the name of my clothing line to...

this works out so much better, and besides, it's my P E R O G A T I V E :o)

sooo i'll be showing you gals some of my work maybe later this week and also sharing with you the trials and tribulations of putting together my first runway show...

This is very much so in the "pre-mature" stages but I promise it will be thebomb.com!! i'm super excited about it and I'm trying my best NOT to make it a priority right now. Later I will be posting more details about this show. I haven't made up my mind which city it will be in, but I kind of have an idea.

This show will have 10 slots for plus-size fashion designers to showcase their work/designs. It will also be open to vendors to promote/ their product. More details on this Fashion Show coming soon.

 It will be early next year or the end of 2011. Which gives T I M E to make this event perfect. I would love for you to participate, this is really open to anyone who desires to make clothes!



  1. Hello MY DEAR!!

    Thanks for following... firstly. Secondly.. like you, I have also a lot of projects on the go go go!! I wish you all of the best with your fashion show.. I'm thinking up a long the same line as you when it comes to my stuff. I'll keep my eyes posted to your blog for dates on the fashion show, I'd love to come. ( I live in Canada, but still I'd make it out somehow!!) Again wish u nothing but the best, and I'll be back for sure, posting comments!! xox! Miss Trish

  2. I always wanted to start my online plus size thrift store..I need some pointers. When you get a chance from your busy schedule please email me starter points.....thanks

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