Sunday, June 5, 2011

Bye Bye Gold Shoes *tears*

Soooo as i'm sure most of us do, I have a huge shoe collection. I think i'm too friendly and to top that, I never learn my lesson. Anyways, i'm finally done. I'm done with letting people borrow my shoes!! The last 3 times I've let someone "borrow" my shoes did not end well! They were either not returned or BROKEN!!

These were my fave gold heels, they were super duper comfortable, and I absolutely loved them. I let someone borrow them and they broke them and didn't tell me, they just put them back in my closet for me to find when I pulled them out to wear. My boyfriend laughed at me because I think  I was A L M O S T in tears. So with this post,will honor my best pair of gold heels.

Now I must get ready for church, It's Sunday! Rise, Shine, and Give God Glory!!

These are the only pictures I've ever taken in these shoes, doubles as the same night that I met my Boyfriend ♥


  1. girl those heels are to die for! You look so pretty in that gold <33


  2. LOL! Girl I understand!!! I was chasing my dog around the yard and broke my favorite pair of flat thongs sandals and I was 98 hot!!! (Theyre still in my closet as if they're magically gonna fix themselves) Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  3. So sorry to hear about your favorite shoes...I learned along time ago not to let people borrow my things because they just don't care. Your top is very cute you look great!