Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Wedding Talk Wednesday: Engagement Session/ Venue Selection

Took us only forever to get it together, but we finally took some pictures that i've personally deemed good enough to call engagements pics..lol..seriously I just haven't been in picture taking mood. I got my hair flat ironed which motivated me to just get it over with. My Charming is always fun when it's time to take pictures, you just have to catch him on a good day. Most of the pics were edited to be black and white because I hated my makeup!!

Also, we'ver finally picked our venue for the ceremony and reception, which I love so so so much. We're changing our date to October because of a lot of different reasons that I don't care to list. It's nothing bad, sometimes you have to just factor in EVERYTHING that will matter before and after you get married. Besides, we're getting married outside and I think the weather will be much more forgiving.

This is the gazebo on the lake where our vows will take place.

This is the reception site that will also serve as a backup for bad weather.

Say hello to our lovely wedding planner/coordinator LaToya. She is the bomb.com and we both love her to pieces. (But of course I love who listens to me and gives me honesty about how outlandish some of my ideas are..LOL)

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  1. awwwwwwwwwww I love black love!!! I can't wait until my day!!! my fave pic is the third one soooo sweet!!! I want an outside wedding as well!

  2. You make a lovely couple :) The lake looks such a beautiful location to get married.

  3. Love it....Congratulations what a beautiful venue and the pictures are sooo cute love the 2nd pic (holding hands) if you would really like a flower pin my direct email is noordstyle@aol.com I will give you the details.Continued Blessings!

  4. Congrats!!

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